Color management solutions

IRO Group provides a complete line of software applications to handle color data in a professional and inexpensive way.
Based on computer or serving from the cloud our applications are robust, easy to operate and widely compatible.

Professional color management

ColorQ3 main page

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A complete color management solution for your color and formula handling needs. It supports all color data storage needs and quality control activities typically performed in laboratories and production environments.
The ultimate professional application that allows to generate and maintain corporate formula books, fandecks, QC records and all competitors' color data.


Retail and production

MegaFandeck main page

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Specifically designed to professionally manage color formulas, recipes cost and consumption statistics.
With embedded color matching capability, it perfectly complements manual and automatic colorant dispensers commonly used in paint stores and production sites.


Color formulations for any device

Formula book in the cloud

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The cloud based formula book specifically designed to access color data from any device connected to the Internet.
All data is securely stored in a central server location, it's always up to date and available 24/7 from any location. No special software, app or download is required.


Cloud and API services

Cloud color data

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Access your color data and formulations from everywhere using Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets and phones.
We provide APIs and technical support to extend your data access without limits.
The EasyRGB database and all your corporate color formulations can be safely queried from any electronic device with an Internet connection.

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