ColorQ3 ® is a powerful tool that supports quality control activities typically performed in the production environment.
It is a Windows based software application specifically designed to be interfaced to a large selection of popular, low cost, color instruments.

Color comparison

  • Color data, deltas, color space graphics and PASS/FAIL warnings are all visible in a single screen-shot.
  • Color data is available in many different color spaces (L*ab, L*uv, L*ch, HunterLab, XYZ, Yxy, RGB, CMYK).
  • Immediate perception of color differences is obtained using on-screen color swatches and advanced graphics.

Color instrument compatibility

  • Interfaces with spectrophotometers, chromameters and RGB color sensors.
  • The main purpose of ColorQ3 is to interface with popular, low-cost color sensors. Majority of last generation color sensors have been interfaced. This includes sensors like Datacolor Spider Print, Colorix's Colorcatch, the Cube or the Nix.
  • The total investment for a complete QC solution is drastically reduced.
Low cost color instruments and sensors

PASS / FAIL control

  • Delta tolerances can be configured to automatically detect the "Pass" or "Fail" condition of a particular trial measure.
  • Large visible warning graphic helps keeping track of measures' acceptance.

Sample history

  • The full history of color measuring can be permanently stored in a single file.
  • These records can be retrieved and manipulated at any time.

Data report and export

  • Color data and deltas can be easily stored in external files or printed.
  • Quality control or internal production documents can be populated with color data and application's numeric values.
  • Data can be easily exported to common text, spreadsheet or database files.
  • Measures can be easily imported and exported, color data can be converted to different color spaces and standards.
Logs and reports

Extended instrument calibration

  • A special option is available to create inter-instruments profiles.
  • It helps getting consistent data across different instruments or different measuring locations.
  • Different instrument types can be used within the same software installation.

High compatibility and portability

  • The software is designed to run on all Windows versions from XP all the way up to the latest Windows 11.
  • Localised Windows versions are supported and it can be easily translated in any language even by the end user.
  • Installer and executable files are small and occupy few MB of disk space. No need to install .NET, Java or heavy software frameworks in order to run it.
  • It's the perfect solution when old computers or industrial hardware are available.
Windows versions